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Singleplayer Prison Map

Singleplayer Prison Map

Have you played Prison style games before? This is a fairly popular genre in the Minecraft world. Unfortunately, not all players can afford to play online, it is also problematic to play on different untested servers since often the game starts to lag and completely ruins your game process, thereby spoiling the whole impression and you lose the pleasure of the game. In the end, you will lose a lot of time on something that you ultimately cannot use.

Why complicate your life by wasting time looking for the Prison online game, if each player can simply use this single-player game offline in his own Minecraft world. This is an amazing game, which is a map on which the player will find a large number of interesting items and places. In general, in the game, you can find four different mines to mine the resources you need. You can use all the resources for both sale and purchase, you need this so that you can buy the best items.

This is a very exciting survival game, as here the player will start from the very beginning, starting from tree felling and ending with various items and ores. In all mines, namely in the Nether, Underground, the End and Surface, you will mine ores that you can also use. The starting item that you need will be given to you for free, this is an ax. With the help of this item, you will start chopping a tree. Please note that the player can chop all the trees without fear that they will not appear, new trees will appear in the shortest period of time.

Singleplayer Prison Map

Your goal after the ax is a pickaxe. With the help of which you must mine ore in one of the mines. Use a pickaxe to mine such ores as gold, diamond, coal, and others.

Be careful in the Nether mine, as in addition to useful resources you risk getting into hidden boiling magma.

The player who goes through the portal in the Nether will be teleported to the end. The difficulty of mining resources will be that the entire map will be mined, and you should be extremely careful when mining useful resources. Do not worry, on the map you will find available places for this.

At the end of the game, you need to get to the exit, to do this, go back to the prison and go through a special bridge. We pay attention to the fact that it’s better not to move quickly and jump on it.

Use an in-game shop in which you will find a large number of useful things.

Possible problems in the game:

1. It is possible that at the beginning of the game Minecraft will switch game modes from Adventure to Creative. In this case, the player needs to use the command /gamemode2!;

2. Due to an incomprehensible error, the command sale blocks do not work. Use structure blocks to copy them;

3. In some cases, you will not be able to sell the log, as there is an error that is associated with the ID item. Unfortunately, this cannot be fixed;

4. In some cases, it is possible that the Nether portal may be moved to another location. In that case, just move it back;

5. Sometimes you just need to ignore the boxes in the mines.

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