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Poppy PlayTime Horror Map

Poppy PlayTime Horror Map

Huggy Wuggy has become perhaps the most popular villain in the world of Minecraft. This is due to the fact that the game Poppy PlayTime has a very high popularity. The game is really interesting, and Huggy Wuggy, despite all the power and danger, is quite a fun character. So we suggest you get to know the mob on the Poppy PlayTime Horror map. The addition is based on the game, but the locations are invented by the author himself.

First, go through training to understand the basics of survival. After that you will have to visit an abandoned toy factory. The factory is guarded by Huggy Wuggy and wants the user dead. Collect 4 tapes and complete all tasks to escape from the enemy.

Changes in the new version 1.0.7
Fixed a bug with the text at the beginning.
Changed the block to put on redstone.

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