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Detonator: Bombs Away Map

Detonator: Bombs Away Map

Do you like various amusement park rides? Maybe you just enjoy having fun? If yes then the new map Detonator: Bombs Away is exactly what you like and what you need. The new map allows each player to get a lot of positive emotions while riding a new attraction called Detonator: Bombs Away! For those who still have not had a chance to ride such an attraction in real life, this attraction is presented in the form of a high tower along which a special ring with chairs moves from bottom to top at high speed.

That is why this attraction is called the Detonator, as you come off and soar above the ground at high speed as if you were exploding on the ground and flying up. The new map allows players to have fun with a 1: 1 scale Detonator map that faithfully recreates the attraction from Thorpe Park in the UK.

This map has additional sounds and animations, interesting 3D models, and much more!

The environment around the amusement park will add a more pleasant atmosphere to your pastime.

Detonator: Bombs Away (1)

Detonator: Bombs Away (2)

Detonator: Bombs Away (3)

Please note that your entertainment at one time with a new attraction lasts a little less than one minute, this is the time it will take for the Drop Tower Cart to go through the whole circle.

Get ready to detonate and the go-ahead with new adventures!

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