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A Sticky Situation Map

A Sticky Situation Map

Do you like different funny adventures in the Minecraft world? Would you like to go on a new adventure? If yes, then the new map mini-game is what you need. The new map allows players to have fun with their friends passing various fun and interesting challenges.

In general, the new map is not that big, but it has many different interesting entertainments. We also draw your attention to the fact that this map is available not only for single-player but also for multiplayer. Go through a new map from beginning to end, at the end of this map you will find an unexpected surprise.

Here, players can interact with the new honey mechanic, which will bring fun and new experience from interesting challenges, a new unique design of different locations associated with honey blocks, lava, and others.

A Sticky Situation (1)

A Sticky Situation (2)

A Sticky Situation (3)

A Sticky Situation (4)

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