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Frustration Floors Map

Frustration Floors Map

We present you with a new parkour map with unique obstacles. The new map makes it possible to gain a new experience using parkour skills. Please note that this map is not just difficult, but has some seemingly impossible and at the same time frustrating places. Therefore, we recommend playing here with a good mood and a desire to go through the entire map from start to finish. The further you go the more difficult the game becomes.

We also draw your attention to the fact that this map may be more interesting for more experienced players with good parkour skills, for players with insufficient experience this map may be impossible to complete, but nevertheless, it can help improve skills.

If you still think that you cannot get through a certain place on the map and you are stuck in one place, you can use cheats. In general, it can take a player from 30 to 45 minutes to complete this map.

This map is for players who like difficult challenges!

Frustration Floors (1)

Frustration Floors (2)

Frustration Floors (3)

Frustration Floors (4)

Frustration Floors (5)

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