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SimplePVP Map

SimplePVP Map

Would you like to challenge your friends in the new PvP map? If yes, then the new SimplePVP PvP map is what you need. This is a new PVP arena for battles between players. There are seats for spectators at the top of the arena. Yes, this is a simple, but at the same time interesting and unique map for PvP battles. Here you can arrange a tournament or just fight against each other.

Please note that this map supports versions of Minecraft PE 1.16 and higher +. Here you can play with your friends using platforms such as Android, Windows 10, iOS, MacBook, X box One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation4.

Players have access to a special mode for this map called Overpowered. What does this mean? In short, these are netherite armor, God Apple, and shields.

Below you can see the lobby of this map:




Spectator area:


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