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Dead Box Parkour - Survival - PvP Map

Dead Box Parkour - Survival - PvP Map

Dead Box Parkour - Survival - PvP map is a fascinating place where you can have fun with your friends alone in Minecraft PE. Naturally, here you will have a lot of challenges, especially parkour. You will be hindered in this by mobs or your own friends, who will compete with you. Note that the difficulty is quite high.

How does it work?
You'll start the game in a small room where you can get equipment. You need to open all the chests and outsmart all the mobs to win.

This is where the survival begins.
Dead Box Parkour - Survival - PvP Map

After that, you have to outlast the monsters that are spawning.

The chests contain rare and valuable items. The harder it is to get the chest, the higher the reward.

Parkour jumps will be quite hard.

Even if your friends can't discount you while parkouring, you'll still suffer from other monsters.

To play in PvP it is recommended to use the command /[email protected] to kill all mobs.

Dead Box Parkour - Survival - PvP Map

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