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Save Christmas Map

Save Christmas Map

Do you like different mini-games where you have to fight different creatures and monsters? If yes, then the new map mini-game Save Christmas is exactly what you need. The new map allows players to play a new mini-game and fight different creatures and monsters. The main villain of this mini-game is the Grinch, who terribly dislikes Christmas and tries in every possible way to ruin it for all players and peaceful villagers. The Grinch uses thunder and storm on towns and villages to ruin Christmas.

The main goal of the player is to reach the main villain, namely the Grinch, kill him and save Christmas, cities, and villages from the Grinch's dangerous attacks. But be careful as on the way to the Grinch you will meet different hostile monsters and creatures. Carefully research this map to find useful tools for your survival and so that you can defeat the Grinch. After you kill him, the game is over.

Below you can see screenshots of some places of this mini-game:

Save Christmas (1)

Save Christmas (2)

Save Christmas (3)

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