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Fog Of Demise II Map

Fog Of Demise II Map

Have you ever played on such a map as Fog Of Demise, which was previously available only for the Java version of the Minecraft game? If not, then we recommend trying the first experience on a new map in the mobile version of Minecraft PE. This map is now available for Bedrock. For those who have previously played this map, it will be interesting to explore a familiar world for themselves, but already on mobile devices.

This map is an exact copy of the Java version. The player's goal in this mini-game is for the player to get to the designated place, overcoming different corridors in which the creepers are hiding. The main goal is to assign a certain material, namely black wool, to a special altar.

This game will be interesting for both experienced players and beginners. It's a new experience with a new addicting map.

Fog Of Demise II (1)

Fog Of Demise II (2)

Fog Of Demise II (3)

Fog Of Demise II (4)

Fog Of Demise II (5)

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