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Classic Skyblock Map

Classic Skyblock Map

Do you like different maps of Skyblock? If yes and you really love different challenges for the survival experience, then you will definitely like the new map. Here you will not see any additional mods or addons, only the classic survival in the world of Skyblock. This type of office map is one of the most popular among the players in the Minecraft world. Why? Because here you have the opportunity to improve your survival skills using the minimum amount of resources. This type of map will be interesting for both experienced players and beginners who do not have much experience in survival.

As always, the game begins with the fact that you sleep on one of the islands in the air. With a minimal amount of resources, you need to survive in this world. Use your wits and skills to go beyond your island and visit other islands. Also in the game, there will be other quests available that you need to complete.

The resources that the player will have on the island where he will spawn:

Classic Skyblock Map

Yes, the resources are really scarce, but that's a good thing as you need to use every available opportunity for a better experience.

Expand the boundaries of your island to reach other islands where there will be new resources and items available.

Quests that the player needs to complete:

1. Build a house where you will live;
2. Create a melon farm;
3. Craft a bed in the house;
4. Expand the boundaries of the island;
5. Create a pumpkin farm;
6. Create a wheat farm;
7. Create a cobblestone generator;
8. Create a sugarcane farm;
9. Get bone meal (64 pieces);
10. Create a trap for mobs;
11. Create a furnace;
12. Create stone bricks (64 pieces);
13. Create a torch (64 pieces);
14. Craft Jack's Lanterns (30 pieces);
15. Cook fish (64 pieces);
16. Create a water source;
17. Create a green cactus dye (20 pieces);
18. Get Ender pearls (10 pieces);
19. Create a small lake;
20. Craft bread (64 pieces);
21. Create paintings (20 pieces);
22. Craft a bow;
23. Get arrows (64 pieces).

You can add some cool and interesting challenges to yourself. It all depends on your imagination.

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