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Imposible Skyblock Map

Imposible Skyblock Map

Do you like Skyblock survival? Do not you think that many Skyblock maps are either not difficult enough or all are monotonous. If so, then the new Skyblock map is exactly what you need. This is an unusual Skyblock, this is a map for those who are completely confident in their abilities and love hardcore challenges. Hardcore challenges? Yes, that’s exactly what the new Impossible Skyblock map can be called. The new game will definitely not seem boring to you.

Throughout the map, players can find different large and small structures that can be useful for you to survive in this hardcore world. Different islands with different biomes, a village and much more await you. Collect as many useful materials for survival as possible.

Cut trees to get to the chest. Explore all the islands of the new Skyblock. At the end of the game, defeat a boss like Ender Dragon.

After death, the player will not respawn.

As already mentioned, the new map of Skyblock consists of different islands such as:

1. The most important and first place from which you will start is Spawn Point:

2. Village:

3. The sand biome:

4. Savannah biome (carefully explore this biome as here you can find a hidden chest):

Attention, we do not recommend killing villagers since after this your Skyblock will be failed.

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