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Idle: Build Your Slayer Map

Idle: Build Your Slayer Map

We present to you a new map on which each player can create a special mechanism that by killing mobs will allow players to get useful boosters and items. The new mechanism has a simple name, namely Slayer. In order for players to get everything they need, they need to improve this mechanism by upgrading. The higher the level of the upgrade, the more various useful items, and boosters you will receive.

In this map, players can play with their friends in multiplayer mode, as well as in single player. For a better experience, we recommend that you play with your friends and it is also more fun. Buying boxes, a player can get different types of boosters, and then get different useful items.

Idle: Build Your Slayer Map

How does it work?

We will consider in more detail how this mechanism works. The new mechanism kills mobs in order to get and sell the drop that falls from them, after which it makes it possible to earn money, or rather coins.

In order for the player to get as many coins as possible, you need to upgrade the mechanism by increasing the level.

The main goal of every player is to get rich as much as possible. With each improved level, this mechanism will work faster, namely spinning faster and kill mobs. We also draw your attention to the fact that each subsequent new level allows players to open a new block of the mob spawner.

In order for you to understand how to use the in-game store, we want to draw your attention to the fact that for this you need to have as much money as possible. Why? Because each subsequent level will cost more and more. The price for a certain level you need to pay more than the previous one and with each subsequent price will be higher.

Hint: By opening different boxes, players help the mechanism to upgrade faster, also when using different boosters.

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