Tycoon Map

Tycoon Map

Do you like playing various mini-games? If yes, then the new Tycoon game is exactly what you need. On the new map, players will have certain tasks that need to be completed in order to reach the maximum level of development and get as much money as possible for completed quests. The task of the players is to improve their production, sell cakes, and deliver them to the right place. After completing certain tasks, the player can improve his items and earn more money.

Create a unique profile with your friends and play your roles. This game allows you to play in multiplayer mode, as well as in solo mode, but unlike multiplayer, you need to create several profiles and switch between them.

With each completed quest, you get some upgrades to your furniture, thereby improving and modernizing your production. As mentioned earlier, do not forget that in this mini-game you need money, since all subsequent upgrade levels cost a certain amount of money. Earn as much as possible and improve production. Each subsequent minute of production you will be supplied with a new batch of cakes and money.

How does the upgrade work?

In order for the player to upgrade their production, you need to find a special pressure plate, stand on it, and after which money will be withdrawn from you. The plate is located near the inscription upgrade. As mentioned above, each new update has a certain cost, the better, the more it will cost.

Tycoon Map

Upgrades and their features

In your mini-game there is a special generator that works at a certain pace so that it works faster and better, you need to upgrade furniture and production. The game also has certain tables and storage locations, all of which have their own price and features.

The generator has four levels, the first basic and the next three that give certain improvements, let's look at below:

Second Level: The generator is accelerated by 50 percent;
Third Level: Adds a new type of cakes;
Fourth Level: The generator is accelerated by 70 percent.


There are also four levels, the first basic and the next three that give certain improvements, let's look at below:

Second Level: Adds an additional 5 percent to the overall speed;
Third Level: Adds an additional 7 percent to the overall speed;
Fourth Level: Adds an additional 10 percent to the overall speed.

The storage has only two levels, one of which is basic, and the second gives more rewards for delivery, improving it by 20 percent.

Each individual profile has the same cost indicators for the required materials.

We also draw your attention to the fact that different types of quests are available in the game, in general, there are three types of quest difficulty in the game, namely:

1. Easy, gives the player a reward of $50 to $150;
2. Medium gives the player a reward of $100 to $200;
3. Hard, gives the player a reward of $200 to $300.

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