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Download Minecraft PE full apk free

Download Minecraft PE full apk free


The new Beta version of Minecraft Bedrock (PE) fixes a big number game errors that players have noticed in gameplay. In addition, the developers have slightly updated the main menu screen.

Bug fixes:

  • Corrected some serious crashes that happen in the game
  • Corrected a bug that happen after placing down an egg of sea turtles to inventory slot
  • Creatures no longer can be invisible depending on the player's point of observation
  • Better performance near underwater fortresses on Android device
  • Players cannot float up or down when they swim forward
  • Better effects of the Aquatic Update, which were not played on devices with a small amount of memory
  • Water currents got the right angles if it flows down
  • Correct rendering for water and lava liquids
  • Removed under water blocks will now create a source of water
  • The ejected objects will no longer swim against the flow of water
  • Tridents will no longer disappear when hit in a rack for armor
  • Bubble column now appear faster when it's blocked with a rigid block
  • Reduced the time of destruction of coral block in the Survival mode
  • Rain no longer limits visibility
  • Sounds of drinking won't be played 2 times while using potions or drinking milk
  • Fixed spawn of guards
  • Working observers are now converted correctly from the console worlds
  • Fire defence will protect player againist long-range attack
  • Reduced damage received in the lava, when equipped armor with fire resistance and protective charms
  • Protection enchantment defends player from any type of damage
  • Unique charms in the player's nickname won't occur a syntax bug while teleporting
  • Maps of forest mansions again correctly show the players' points
  • Pumpkin is absorbed while making an Iron Golem
  • The layer when snow falls on the snow block won't lose 1 layer
  • Corrected problem with created world that was not synchronized to Xbox One console
  • The strength of egg of sea turtles is increased when objects fall on them
  • Zombies and Drowned do not tremble during jumping on the egg of sea turtles
  • Drowned people will get out of water when night starts hor hunting the player
  • Placing of ice block to lava blocks in the Lower World cannot create a source of water
  • Fixed the lower texture of hay flow in the hand and within
  • Turtle expert's arrow apply the correct level of resistance effect at the target
  • Activated conductors won't have a dark texture in some types of devices
  • Corrected a bug with tamed creatures in result of upgrading to the latest beta

Newrelease of the full version of MCPE 1.5 should take place on June 21.


Download Minecraft PE (Android 2.3.6+)


Minecraft PE apk free

Download Minecraft PE full apk free

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