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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft for Android

The developers have released a test version of Minecraft for Android. In this update made 5 common and 2 technical changes, corrected 8 bugs.

Added 5 changes. Read more:
Allay does not teleport to the Nether World with the player
When changing dimensions, the mob can get stuck in blocks and die
Developers are working on a fix
Sculk does not spread through Fire and Fire of Souls
Improved moving in Minecraft
Added a setting to change the duration of notifications
Increased performance on Android devices

Fixed bugs
Fixed 8 bugs. Basic:
Player-installed Sculk Shrieker got a recharge between activations
Sculk Shrieker and Acoustic Sensor do not drop experience when mined with Silk Touch effect
Fixed the growth of Mangrove trees at levels below Y=0
Fixed graphical distortion on Android
Using Emotions more than once does not cause crashes
Fixed glitches when rendering a biome
Fixed stacking of items in one stack
Increased destruction time of Reinforced Deep Shale
Destruction time does not depend on the tool

Technical changes
Added 2 technical changes for addon development and testing. Fixed the cloning of command blocks.

Minecraft PE for Android

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Minecraft PE for Android
Released a test version of Minecraft for Android. In the
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