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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft for Android

The developers have released a test version of Minecraft for Android. In this update added Warden and the Ancient City. Fixed six bugs.

Blind and terrible monster. Features:
Spawns in the Deep Dark biome.
Reacts to vibrations.
Uses his sense of smell for weak vibrations.
Moves silently.
Best to stay away from Warden or bump into him
Stealthy until he hears his prey
Waits for a signal from the Sculk Screamers to attack
The louder the steps, the angrier the mob
Heartbeat speed depends on anger
When angry, stands up and growls before attacking
Gets away if you don't piss off or get caught within 60 seconds
More than one launched projectile within 5 seconds angers the mob
Only use projectiles once every 5 seconds when collecting loot from Chests
Breaks Shields on Impact
Doesn't drop anything on death
Better to sneak around and not disturb than fight

Ancient City
An abandoned structure with long-forgotten treasures. Properties:
Generated in the biome of the Deep Dark.
Treasure in the Chests is guarded by Sculk Shriekers and Acoustic Sensors
Reinforced Deepslate appears.
Cannot be acquired in Survival Mode
To search for a structure, type the command /locate ancientcity
Known bugs
Generated far beyond the Deep Dark biome
Waterways can destroy Ancient City chunks

Fixed 6 bugs
Fixed a crash when taking damage with a helmet on from a falling block
Creatures do not disappear when transferring worlds from the Old Console Editions
Mobs with repulsion resistance are less repulsed when fighting an Iron Golem
Fixed the generation of End Cities
Fixed the appearance of buttons and information for downloaded Skin Packs
Emotion Wheel doesn't get stuck when using the Sensor

Minecraft PE for Android

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