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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android released: meet the awaited innovations from Caves and Cliffs. Added Sculk Sensor and Pointed Dripstone.

Sculk Sensor

Reacts to vibrations and creates a redstone signal. A new era of mechanisms!

List of the block's features:

  • Reacts to nearby vibrations;
  • Doesn't react if the player sneaks;
  • Does not respond to other Sculk Sensors;
  • Catches vibration at speed of 1 game tick per 1 block;
  • Catches up to 1 signal simultaneously;
  • Creates a redstone signal for 2 seconds or 40 game ticks;
  • Sensitivity radius - 8 blocks;
  • Temporarily reacts only to: steps, swimming, placing and breaking blocks, using elytra, hitting the ground, drops, falling shells.

Sculk Sensor

Pointed Dripstone

The block forming the Stalactites and Stalagmites. These appears in a Dripstone caves. Can make damage if dropped.

The droppers together form:

  • Stalactites - "icicles" at the top;
  • Stalagmites - "icicles" from below;
  • Stalgnats - "icicles" from top to bottom.

pointed dripstone

Block features:

  • Temporarily active only in the creative inventory;
  • Falling Stalactite can make Damage to player on hit;
  • Falling on Stalagmite damages the player;
  • Stalactites have an animation of falling water and lava;
  • Sometimes there are bugs, since it is a beta version.

Bug fixes:

Fixed 10 bugs, here are some of them:

  • Fixed getting the achievement "Pork Chop".
  • Fixed a bug when foxes did not eat sweet berries.
  • Fixed bug, when player allowed to placing spawn eggs in adventure mode.

Minecraft PE for Android

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