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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft for Android

Developers have released a test version of Minecraft for Android. They have updated the Deep Dark, made 14 changes for equality with Java and fixed 22 bugs. Waiting for the Warden.

Experimental Features
Update for Deep Dark.
Preparing for the Warden addition.
Sculk Shrieker reacts to Acoustic Sensor
Reduced the fear level for the appearance of the Warden

Equality with Java.
Implemented 14 fixes for Bedrock and Java equality. Important:
Fluid flow does not jostle the player in creative mode
Villagers use bone meal on plants and create it from surplus seeds in the composter
Protection enchantment works for most types of damage
Fixed the illusion of regeneration
Drop on Stalagmite correctly calculates damage
Fixed a bug with damage invulnerability
Changed the damage reduction from the "Defense" enchantment
Yellow hearts from Absorption turn black when you get Exhaustion
Increased armor toughness
Diamond armor has 2 durability
Non-Rite armor has a 3 value of toughness
Changed the calculation of damage from armor toughness
Netherite armor decreases damage more than Diamond armor
Decreased resistance to being knocked back by Netherite Armor
Decreased hand strike damage

Fixed 22 bugs.
Decreased glitches
Fixed crashes when minimizing the game on Android
Improved the use of items when splitting the screen horizontally
Changed the environment when generating structures
TNT does not disappear when you turn off explosion and turn on fire spread in settings
Falling blocks (Sand, Gravel) land on Snow Layer
Fixed the glow of the Glowing Squid
Fixed disappearance of the sight
Fire is displayed on the inventory screen in any camera view when burning
Fixed the outline of Leather Armor being highlighted on the character thumbnail
Tropical Fish Bucket name is shown correctly when catching fish
Skin installation warning appears on the skin purchase screen
Ravagers attack Wandering Trader
Fixed the spawning of mobs via the Dispenser
Shulkers not masquerading as the same block
Shulkers prefer to masquerade as a neighboring block before teleporting
Changed the disguise of Shulkers
Fixed the text display when creating a new world
Mapmakers always sell the Exploration Map - Forest Mansion
Fixed the /loot command

Technical Changes
Added 8 technical changes for Minecraft. RenderDragon is being tested on all Android and iOS devices.

Minecraft PE for Android

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