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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft on Android

The developers have released a test version of Minecraft for Android. The update improved the Experimental features, fixed 7 bugs and made 9 technical changes.

Experimental mode.
Improved Frogs, Frog Caviar and Goat Horn. Main:
Improved Jumping.
Mobs reproduce and are baited with Slime
Tadpoles have 6 health points
Changed how often frogs spawn
Frog eggs
Destroyed by Piston, falling blocks, or removing water from under the block
Blocks under spawn do not interfere with hatching
Can be placed on waterlogged blocks in Minecraft
Fixed placing with /fill command under water or on solid ground
Goat Horn
Will recharge after use

Fixed 7 bugs. Important:
Fixed saving custom skins
Mending enchantment spends experience correctly
Drowners don't spawn at light levels above zero
Beta features are preserved when you reload the game
Cauldron does not fill from Pointed Dripstone below the water level
Armor from add-ons can be put on with a button

Technical Changes
Added 9 technical changes for addon development and testing.
Fixed strange bouncing of shells from the Bell
Improved the use of features

Minecraft PE for Android

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