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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft on Android

Developers have released a test version of Minecraft on Android. The update added Frog Light, changed Frogs, worked on equality with Java and fixed 22 bugs.

Frog Light.
New lighting fixture. Details:
Three colors: green, yellow, purple
Only comes out if the Frog eats a small Lava Cube
The color depends on the color of the Frog
Must be in Experimental Mode

Changed the behavior of the mobs. Basic:
Glowing lichen cannot be set on Frog spawn
Frogs and Tadpoles got sounds
Changed the panic speed of Frogs in Minecraft.
Tadpoles can panic

Equality with Java
Introduced 6 fixes for version equality. Affected Items:
Cracks on Iron Golems show health level
The more cracks, the lower the health
Iron bars heal mobs
Changed the lighting level of the Glowing Lichen
Foxes aim down when jumping
Removed the Emerald icon above Villagers' heads when trading
Changed trade menus with Mapmakers, Butchers, Librarians, and Wandering Merchants
Iron Golems only attack Players with bad reputations when attacking Villagers

Fixed bugs
Fixed 22 bugs. Listed the main ones.

Creatures stay in chunks when exiting the world
Fixed glitches when loading worlds and sids around the Mesa biome
Speech-to-text function works correctly with experimental settings
The /damage command allows you to damage entities
Cocoa beans are set correctly with the /fill and /setblock commands
Fixed the generation of Dripstone over the lava
Stalagmites are always higher than one block in height
Melting furnaces and Smokestacks give experience when remelting
Fixed the generation of the Dripstone
Coral is generated at the depth of Warm Oceans
More tree species are generated in Mountain Groves
Fixed the quick setting of Block of Light when moving
Water does not disappear when a Light Block is set
Fixed breaking blocks, opening Chests, and entering Portals when there are a lot of Mobs nearby
Fixed grass destruction animations
Fixed blowing up plants on Snowblocks
Skeleton Riders have better pathfinding
Icebergs don't replace Snowblocks in Igloo
Fixed uneven water generation in the mountains
Fixed loss of water blocks in Aquifers
Lava lakes are not generated below zero level
Closer to zero level lake boundaries will be from Stone and Deepslate

Technical changes
Added 7 technical changes for addon development and testing.

Chests do not display all inventory slots when the Pocket Interface is enabled. Use the Classic Interface to resolve the problem.

Minecraft PE for Android

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