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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft for Android

Released a test version of Minecraft for Android. The update added a new interface, improved the Experimental mode, made 7 changes and worked on equality with Java.

Experimental Mode
Updated Frogs behavior and animations. Learn more:
Jump more often
Increased Tadpoles' emergence time from Frog eggs
Increased Tadpole's hitbox
Changed the look of frogs in meadow biomes
Modified Frog's jump and tongue
Modified water and swimming animations

New interface
Added a new world creation interface.

Equality with Java
Introduced 7 fixes for Bedrock and Java equality. Important:
Worlds are generated with 64-bit sys.
For example, instead of -9223372036854775808, 9223372036854775807 is used
Biomes in Java and Bedrock will match
Sides of letters will also match
When pulling the bow, the character's hand will not shake
Changed the hitbox of falling blocks
Priest sells Lightstone instead of Lightstone Dust
Untamed wolves can be tethered with a leash
Revamped the villagers trade menu

Added 7 changes. Main:
Added a filter for Selectors - hasitem.
Allows you to select entities by their items
Improved damage calculation
Cod, Salmon, Tropical Fish, Dolphins, and Needlefish spawn in the Deep Oceans
Removed the question mark button on the inventory screen
Added automatic donning and doffing of Armor on Workbench Screen
Crafting recipes for 3x3 slots will not show up on the inventory screen
Revamped chat button shortcuts

Fixed bugs
Fixed 36 bugs. Main:
Fixed TNT moving after arson
Fallen items are displayed correctly
Fixed errors spawning the Challenger's Jaws
Fixed water placement on underwater blocks
Terrain is loaded correctly when teleporting out of sight
Fixed the interaction with the Bell with certain items
When riding, the player with Elytra's no longer soars
Mobs correctly navigate their way through certain blocks
When holding the Spawn Egg, you can interact with the Villager
Witches no longer disappear in Raid
Fixed glitches in the Cloakroom
Changed tab names on the inventory screen
Improved Village People
Repeatedly showing the item to trade when the player holds an Emerald
No running away from Zombified Pyglies
Don't share Wheat and Beet seeds

Technical Changes
Added 19 technical changes for addon development and testing of Minecraft.
Removed Scripting API support
Added /volumearea command to control areas
Added mojang-minecraft-ui function to create simple dialog boxes

Minecraft PE for Android

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