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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android

Download the Minecraft PE for Android with working Xbox Live: mobs, biomes, blocks and much more!

Minecraft PE Nether Update - What's new?

The developers released another minor Nether Update. In Minecraft, fixed many important bugs that caused an uncomfortable game.

Crimson forest and its inhabitants

In Minecraft PE, one of new biomes is the crimson forest. This forest is colored in red, which creates an interesting atmosphere in the location.

This biome has its own inhabitants. There are two of them: hoglins and piglins. They are aggressively towards the player and attack him immediately.

Crimson forest

Also, piglins will not attack the player if he wears gold armor. It shows how much these creatures love gold.


They are even ready to trade for gold with the player. Hoglins are very afraid of warped fungus and immediately scatter at the sight of it. Hoglins may be propagated with crimson fungus.


There is one new interesting block called Lodestone. The working principle of Lodestone is that it changes principle the compass works.

The Compass, as you know is intended to indicate to the player the place of his revival. However, after the lodestone is affected to this device, it begins to point to the block itself, and not to the respawn point.

So, this way, you can mark different points all around the game world. If the player enters another dimension or breaks a block of lodestone, then the compass attached to it will begin to rotate non-stop in different directions.

You can craft lodestone itself using eight Chiseled Stone Bricks and one netherite ingot.


Ruined Portal

In Minecraft PE Update, players can notice two fresh structures. The first structure is called the Bastion Remnant, and the second is ruined portal.

Unlike the Bastion remnant, the ruined portal can be generated in the common worls and in the Nether.

You always can find a chest with valuable loot next to this structure. Sometimes players can find a block of gold here.

The ruined portal is surrounded by stone bricks, netherracks, magma blocks, and lava. Here, there is also generated weeping obsidian, which is used to craft the Respawn Anchor.

Ruined Portal

Minecraft PE for Android

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