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Minecraft for Android

Minecraft for Android

Hello Friends, on April 30, there is a new version was released, Minecraft for android, here we published a detailed list of changes and apk file.

Craft chain

In version, chains appeared in the Bastions. Now added the craft chain.

Minecraft for Android

Magma Cubes

Magma Cubic spawners will now spawn in the Bastions of the Nether.

Fireball Search

In Minecraft, you can find ruined portals, sometimes with chests. Fire Charges now appear in chests. Reduced the chance of generating portals.

Bug fixes:

Many stability fixes have been made.

55 bugs fixed. Some of them:

  • Fixed crash when folding plates of different types.
  • Reduced the frequency of noise in the Nether.
  • On Android, the button "Change emotions" appeared.
  • The name of the record "Pigstep" is capitalized.
  • Wooden planks of the Nether do not heat the stove now.
  • Added the sound of soul fire.
  • Player can put on a shield with a dispenser.
  • Fixed the luck spell.
  • Pumpkins and watermelons grow again under the Observers.
  • Fixed sudden healing of the Ender dragon.
  • Fixed too frequent spawn of cats in villages.
  • Changed the frequency of spawn Piglins, Hoglins and zombified piglins.
  • Piglins correctly wear armor from the floor.
  • Piglins throw a gold ingot from their hands if attacked.
  • Zombified piglins are not afraid of fire now.
  • Mobs correctly wear netherite armor.
  • Piglins and Hoglins run away from the Zoglins.
  • Corrected the sound of turning Hoglin into Zoglin.
  • Fire charges can be found in the chests of the ruined portals.
  • Destroyed portals spawn less frequently.
  • Spawn Eggs of Piglins and Hoglinos matches Java.
  • Piglin hand movement fixed.
  • Fire in the soul sand turns blue.

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