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Newb-SL Shaders

Newb-SL Shaders

Newb-SL shaders represent a slightly modified version of the original build. The add-on contains many features that are designed to improve survival in the expanses of Minecraft PE. But about everything in order.

Luminous Ore
Newb-SL Shaders

Warmer tones

Taken from Minecraft Story Mode

Natural Look

Soothing Water Shade

Altered colors and clear fog

Rustling leaves
All the plants move a little

The motion of the lanterns.
You won't find that in other builds

The fog
Deeper and more beautiful

Rainy weather
Extremely natural look

Improved models

Color correction
Unique color schemes

Sun and moon
Simple and sleek look

Animated spiral in the sky
All objects seem to radiate light

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