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ModMixer Texture Pack

ModMixer Texture Pack

Have you ever used mod packs such as new unique crosshairs and armor huds from the creator of add-ons and mods Drakonx for your world? If yes, then the new ModMixer mod will definitely be of interest to you, since this mod combines the properties of two add-ons into one. In order for this pack with mods to work correctly, you need to place this pack on top of the two above, which in turn will allow you to combine the two add-ons into one.

Recall that the ArmorHud add-on allows players to change weapons using the user interface even during combat, which greatly simplifies the process of changing weapons and facilitates the survival process.

On the user interface, players can place not only weapons but also armor, which can also be quickly used and switched between them during the battle.


The second texture pack allows players to use the crosshairs from the Java version of the Minecraft game for PC devices. Players can choose from one of the available crosshairs ranging from a simple point to differently shaped crosshairs.

Also, a small bonus for you will be that all players who use this mod will receive a new cloak in the game as a gift.

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