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Armor & Item Hud Texture Pack

Armor & Item Hud Texture Pack

Would you like to quickly change weapons or armor during the battle? How? Everything is very simple with the new texture pack called Armor and Item Hud. The new texture pack allows players to use the lower-left panel so that players can change armor or items during the game. This function will now be available not only for the Java version of the Minecraft game but also for the mobile version of the Minecraft PE game.

The new panel will be available for use on all mobile devices. Also, players can see how their armor and items they will hold will be displayed. In this texture pack, almost all items and armor can be used for this panel, including elytra and even a turtle helmet.

As mentioned earlier, on the left, you will see a panel on which both the items that the player holds and the armor will be displayed. Unfortunately, not all items can be supported in this texture pack, otherwise, your device would most likely lag, but this is not a problem since most of the most used and popular items can be supported in this texture pack.

This is how it works:

Armor & Item Hud (1)

Armor & Item Hud (2)

Armor & Item Hud (3)

And the division of items on Hotbar:

Armor & Item Hud (4)

Armor & Item Hud Texture Pack

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