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Parkwad's Finest Fix-Up Texture Pack

Parkwad's Finest Fix-Up Texture Pack

Would you like to make the textures in your world smoother and without unnecessary small details that in some cases can change the appearance of any object for the worse? If yes, then the new texture pack is what you need! The new texture pack allows players to modify and improve existing textures in the Minecraft world by fixing some small elements of block and object textures, namely, item frames, glass block connection lines, and much more.

Let's take a look at the features of this texture pack below.

Features of the texture pack

Textures for such types of glass as regular and stained glass (32x32), with a very thin border for better visibility.

Parkwad's Finest (1)

Improved campfire textures.

Parkwad's Finest (2)

Lowered shield.

Parkwad's Finest (3)

Ore textures, both for stone and deep slate, we draw your attention to the fact that copper is not affected.

Parkwad's Finest (4)

Frameless items, invisible item frames, glowing frames invisible but still functional.

Parkwad's Finest (5)

Rose textures

Parkwad's Finest (6)

Improved spyglass textures, now without any extra glare.

Parkwad's Finest (7)

As a bonus, some decorative elements were added, such as the mustache painting and the replacement of the black prismarine slab on the block of the path.

Parkwad's Finest (8)

Parkwad's Finest Fix-Up Texture Pack

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