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Colorful Slimes Texture Pack

Colorful Slimes Texture Pack

Have you ever fought a hostile mob-like Slime? For those who have not previously met him in the Minecraft world, this is a type of hostile creature that has a cubic shape and green color, and also its shape resembles jelly. These creatures live in the Minecraft world in three sizes, namely large, medium and small.

A feature of these mobs is the ability to see players even through solid blocks. After death, large slimes are then divided into medium slimes, medium slimes are divided into small slimes, and small slimes drop slimeballs instead of dividing. Now your fight with these creatures will become more interesting and fun as the new texture pack changes the colors of the slimes.

This pack of textures will add more variety and fun to your world. Please note that the players themselves can change the color of the slimes to any available one. Let's take a look below what colors slimes can be in the Minecraft world.

Slime colors:

1. Yellow:


2. White:


3. Red:


4. Purple:


5. Pink:


6. Orange:


7. Light-Blue:


8. Blue:


9. Black:


Please note that players can activate this pack in the game resolution settings!

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