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Chiseled Plastic Texture Pack

Chiseled Plastic Texture Pack

Would you like to use blocks with simpler textures or retro-style textures in your world? If yes, then the new texture pack is what you need. This pack of textures allows you to plunge into the world of simple and at the same time simple textures that can add more harmony to your world. Let's see below what your world will look like with the new texture pack.

Screenshots of the Minecraft world with a new texture pack:

1. Crater:


2. Mountains:


3. End Ship:

End Ship

4. End Tower:

End Tower

5. Village:


6. Nether Fortress:

Nether Fortress

7. Bastion:


8. Warped Forest:

Warped Forest

All this and much more you can see using the new texture pack!

Chiseled Plastic Texture Pack

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