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Electro Games 10k PVP Texture Pack

Electro Games 10k PVP Texture Pack

Would you like to change the existing textures in your Minecraft world? If yes, then the new texture pack is exactly what you need. This pack of textures will be useful for those who use custom old textures and who would like to add something more interesting and new to their world. Electro Games 10k PVP texture pack changes the old textures of armor, items of weapons and tools, food, ores, blocks, and even the sky.

Below you can see how the new textures will look in your Minecraft world using this texture pack:

1. Armor:


2. Tools:


3. Weapons:


4. Food:


5. Blocks and ore:

Blocks and ore

6. Sky:

Sky (1)
Sky (2)

Electro Games 10k PVP Texture Pack

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