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Variated Ores Texture Pack

Variated Ores Texture Pack

Would you like to give your ores a new, more interesting and unique look? If yes, then the new resource pack is what you need. New textures will make the process of mining more interesting and easy, as it will visually be easier for players to find and identify the type of ore.

The new resource pack adds new textures for the basic types of ores to your Minecraft world. Please note that the updated appearance of textures and their variations has the same chances of appearing in the game. Some of the existing ore blocks are very different in appearance and differ significantly from others. For example, such ores as iron and coal have as many as four variations of textures, while emerald has only two variations of ore.

New features of the resource pack allow players to diversify the gameplay and make the process of mining more interesting.

For players who will use the latest version of the Minecraft PE game, we draw your attention to the fact that the appearance of copper ore will also change in the game.

Variated Ores

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