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Warden Texture Pack

Warden Texture Pack

A new event that has recently taken place, namely Minecraft Live 2020, is the most discussed topic in the Minecraft community and for good reason, since the Mojang developers have presented a large number of new unique and exciting content that will be added to the Minecraft world in the upcoming Minecraft 1.17 update, as for the PC version Java and for the mobile version of the Minecraft game.

One of the most popular characters in this update is a unique mob called the warden. This is a new and unique mob in all aspects, which will be added to the new Caves & Cliffs update. This mob can hit the player hard enough and will be one of the most powerful mobs in the world of Minecraft.

We present you with a new pack of textures just for those players who really liked the new mob. The new texture pack replaces the familiar old textures of the Iron Golems with the textures and appearance of a creature like the Warden. This is a fun pack of textures and roughly resembles the new creature. To see him in the game, you just need to summon him using an iron block and a pumpkin.

Below is the screenshot, you can see how they will look in the Minecraft world:

Warden Golem (1)

Warden Golem (2)

Warden Golem (3)

Warden Golem (4)

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