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Dododonut’s Improved Looks Texture Pack

Dododonut’s Improved Looks Texture Pack

We present you with a new texture pack that you will definitely like for its uniqueness. This texture pack will open for you the vanilla textures of the Minecraft world in a different color. This pack of textures still slightly changes the custom textures while leaving the originality. Let's look at the new textures below.

New textures:

1. Blocks of bricks from Prismarine:

Dododonut’s Improved Looks Texture Pack

2. Trunks of trees and logs:

3. Birch leaves:

4. Terracotta:

5. Blocks of dirt:

6. Damn on items:

7. New Netherite armor (looks very cool and spectacular):

These armor textures are very good and most importantly they will look logical on your character. Why? Because when crafting these armor, a player uses gold and diamonds.

8. Added new textures of the Gilded blocks of black stone and gold blocks (from now on it has a very beautiful and desirable appearance):

9. The fire of Souls with souls:

Dododonut’s Improved Looks Texture Pack

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