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GrandTheftMCPE server for Minecraft PE

GrandTheftMCPE server for Minecraft PE

Here is one of the most fascinating servers in MCPE, it was created in GTA style, absolutely all the features was transferred and implemented on this server from well-known game! Each player get opportunity to play in the free world, where you can be a gangster, to use a weapon, to have and spend your money. GrandTheftMCPE server, gives you ability to become a cop, but note, it is pretty difficult and dangerous job.

In case if you do not want to be a policeman, join to some gang, kill your enemies and make money! Also, pay attention, that if you will be a part of gang and gonna kill your enemies, you will be in a list of wanted criminal, all other players will know who you are, that you are very dangerous player. But it not means that it is cool, as soon as reward for your head will be large, you will be in danger!


  • System of property.
  • Money resource system.
  • Gangs and gangsters.
  • Career
  • Map includes cities.
  • Plugin — AntiHack!
  • Commands and menu of user.

GrandTheftMCPE server for Minecraft PE

IP address:

Last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.40
Last Minecraft PE BETA version
GrandTheftMCPE server for Minecraft PE

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