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BuildMCPE server for Minecraft PE

BuildMCPE server for Minecraft PE

New server which is gives you opportunity to do in game all you want, to explore new places, fight with other players or even to build something. Here you can create your own scenery of game and spend your time as you want, build, fight, explore or change something, decision depend only on you. Also, each player can upgrade his armor or weapon, visits any shop or market, to get a new rare type of blocks and build your own house.


  • Available kits for all types of players, from the beginner to the skilled player.
  • On the spawn you can purchase some enchants.
  • In case if you want to fight, visit PvP site.
  • There few maps with different dimensions.
  • Each player can choose a job he wants and get paid.
  • Shop and market UIs.
  • Complete the exciting events or quests for getting more experience.

What should you do?

Login to this server — BuildMCPE, and enjoy exploration of a new world, around your spawn place, you will see some building and shops, visit them and have a good time.


BuildMCPE server for Minecraft PE

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