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Tier Mobs Add-on 1.15/1.14+

Tier Mobs Add-on 1.15/1.14+

A new interesting add-on that changes the look of the usual mobs for all of us. From now on, most mobs of each type will have 5 different types. This add-on will only change the look of those mobs that spawn naturally in the Minecraft world.

What levels are we talking about? We are talking about such levels as wood, stone, iron, diamond, and emerald! We draw your attention to the fact that hostile mobs have their own characteristics depending on the level. For example, a hostile diamond-level mob will have more health than wood, stone, and iron. In order for the game to become more difficult, all mobs will spawn in different places.

This is a very interesting, fascinating and unusual world where you can face with hostile iron zombies or wooden evoker. Drop from these mobs remains the same. The new add-on will help to change and make your Minecraft world more fun and difficult. We also draw your attention to the fact that hostile mobs of high levels are different from others because, in addition to health, they are more powerful.

Below you can see an example of such mobs:

Tier Mobs Add-on 1.15/1.14+

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