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Tinkers’ Awakening 1.14+

Tinkers’ Awakening 1.14+

A great addon that allows players to add up to 90 different types of swords to their Minecraft world! It all depends on the combinations of materials that you will use to craft swords. Use one of 10 materials and create a sword that will be useful to you in battles. We also draw your attention to the fact that the damage and durability of each type of sword depend on what materials you previously used for crafting.

Let's look at all the materials, from those that give Low Durability to those that have High Durability.


1. Low durability:

- of wood, gives +2 damage;
- of stone, gives +2 damage;
- of flint, gives +3 damage;
- of prismarine, gives +4 damage;
- of gold, gives +5 damage.

2. Medium durability:

- of bone, gives +2 damage;
- of iron, gives +3 damage.

3. High durability:

- of obsidian, gives +4 damage;
- of the diamond, gives +5 damage;
- of emerald, gives +6 damage.

Below you can see a small part of crafting recipes for swords, and we remind you that there are 90 of them in total! See the screenshot below:

ATTENTION: Do not forget to activate the Experimental game mode!

Tinkers’ Awakening 1.14+

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