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Chocobo Expansion 1.14/1.13+

Chocobo Expansion 1.14/1.13+

A new addon that adds new items to the game and the most interesting is new creatures such as Chocobo. All this will help the player to better and more efficiently explore the world of Minecraft, as well as its individual parts and places. Chocobo is presented in several types and each of which has its own unique abilities.

Please note that these creatures do not change anything in the game.

Let us consider with you all the types of these creatures that are presented in 5 different colors:

1. Green: the most powerful creature in the world of Minecraft;
2. Red: This creature does not take damage from falling from a great height, and can also jump 22 blocks up. Can use a nether portal. Adds player resistance to fire;
3. White and Yellow are generally not so strong and do not have any special abilities, but of all creatures, it is easiest to tame them;
4. Blue: receive damage from falling from a height, but have the ability to run on water.

Chocobo Expansion 1.14/1.13+

How to tame Chocobo?

In order for the player to tame new creatures, he should use a special fruit called gysahl. The player can make soup to get an additional effect.
Where to find this fruit?

This fruit is sold by a special Chocobo trader. You can find them in the savannah, in other places there is very little chance that you will meet him, but still, it is possible.

Types of Soups:

1. Green: Adds a speed effect for 15 seconds;
2. Red: fire resistance for 15 seconds;
3. White: the ability to see at night for 64 seconds;
4. Yellow: slows down the fall for 15 seconds;
5. Blue: It gives you the ability to breathe underwater for 128 seconds.

Other dishes:

Curry: regeneration for 4.5 seconds;

Steak / Wings: Just to restore character saturation.

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