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Herobrine Experience Mod (1.13+ Only)

Herobrine Experience Mod (1.13+ Only)

Have you heard about the oldest, but quite famous myth in the world of Minecraft, this is Herobrine, many players even today believe that this is true, but it was proved that it was a fake. That is why this addon was created, it is he who will help you to imagine what would have happened if this Herobrine myth were true. Try to survive and show the maximum of your abilities and skills to pass this challenge.

How does it work?

At this point, the Herobrine curse item is only available in Creative mode, get it and touch the block with it.

Herobrine Experience Mod (1.13+ Only)


— Able to invoke TNT;
— Activator Item;
— Additional creepy sound and sound effects;
— Herobrine Entities;
— Burning trees!

Note: The curse only works in survival mode, and most importantly, do not forget to include experimental gameplay!

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