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Tractor Add-on 1.20+

Tractors Add-on

Most children await the arrival of that very blue Tractor, which will come to our fields. As always, you can make this dream a reality in the expanses of Minecraft with the Tractors mod. This addition offers 15 types of Tractors, which can be used not only for riding but also for tilling the land, planting crops, and harvesting.

Health: 40
Maximum speed: 30 kilometers per hour
1 passenger
Inventory: 16 slots (can add another 16 with a Cart)

Tractor Add-on 1.20+

To grow plants, take a Wooden Hoe, crouch, and interact with the Tractor to switch it to normal mode. You also need to interact with the Tractor using the seeds you want to plant.

An Iron Hoe switches the Tractor to harvest and seed planting mode.

You can also expand the Tractor's inventory with a Cart.

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