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Mystica Crops Add-on 1.16+

Mystica Crops Add-on

Would you like to simplify and thereby improve the way your farming develops? If so, and you really want to automate and improve your farming, then this new add-on is what you need. Also, the new add-on adds many different new blocks, items, and even a mob to the Minecraft world. Now players can get more creative with the development of their agriculture by automating it and thereby simplifying the whole process. Let's take a look at the features of this add-on below.

The first thing worth paying attention to is the new ores. These are very unusual ores as they will be represented as plants! New ore plants drop ore according to which ore they are composed of. In other words, if it is a gold plant, it will drop gold ore, everything is very simple and also very useful! Flowers such as gold, coal, iron, lapis, diamond, emerald, Redstone, and netherite will be added to the Minecraft world.

Players can plant these plants in the same way as a simple crop. If the player breaks the flowers, they will not drop anything. Be careful. There is also a little trick, so that your plants grow faster, use Bone Meal!

Bone Meal

After your plant grows, that is, reaches its maximum phase, you will see ore in its place. In other words, at the place of a plant chunk, you will see ore. It is also easy to pick it up, for the PC version of the Minecraft game, just right-click on the ore, for mobile devices, just touch it (interact).

coal chunk

Below you can see a screenshot of an example of coal ore:

The Ore Plants

Use the crafting table to get an ingot. Crafting recipe 2x2!

The next feature of this add-on is a new unique mob called Harvester Golem! This is one of the main characters that was created to automate harvesting and automate your ore farm as a whole.

Below you can see what this creature looks like:

The Harvester Golem

In order for players to spawn Harvester Golem, you must first craft a special item called Golem Pearl. After the player has crafted the pearl, you can summon the Golem. This creature will offer you six modes of operation. Choose what you need the most and your golem will get to work.
Let's take a look at all the modes available to players below.

Golem operating modes

Golem operating modes:

As mentioned earlier, in general, players will have six modes available, namely:

1. Harvesting: The golem will begin to harvest the ore plants that are closest to it and those that reach the final cycle;
2. Stay: The golem stands motionless and awaits your instructions;
3. Go home: This mode directs your golem to the harvest station that will be located closest;
4. Pick up: The golem will pick up all the items that will lie on the ground around it;
5. Stop picking: As you already understood from the name, the Golem will stop picking items, but be careful, as when he stops doing this, all the items picked up in his inventory will disappear;
6. Automation: This mode will program the golem to harvest and deliver the harvest to the harvest station.

Please note that players cannot access the golem's inventory, but you can make it so that he would throw all items from his inventory.

The next feature of this add-on is the harvesting station. This is another thing that allows you to automate the harvesting process, it is also where the golems go to give the harvested crop.

Below is the screenshot you can see how the harvesting station looks like, as well as special white carpets under which there are bins for storing your harvest:

The Harvester Station

These carpets were created for the golems so that when they harvest a certain amount of harvest, they stand on the carpet and the bunkers under them begin to suck in everything that they have harvested, that is, all the harvest items picked up from the ground.

A feature of the add-on is also the ability to use different methods of obtaining items at the discretion of the player, both using the crafting table and without it.

The bell flower is a unique plant in the Minecraft world that players can get by doing certain actions, namely, place the lily of the valley plant in the water, then interact with it or right-click and use the mystical book last.

Bell Flowers

We draw your attention to the fact that in order for this process to pass successfully, the player needs to be nearby using a mystical book.

Another unique feature is logs, but not simple logs, but mystical ones. To do this, use a bell flower, place it next to the logs, and then they will turn into mystical. Everything is very simple. Below on the screenshot you can see such mystical logs, they are green:

mystical logs

Crafting recipes:

Crafting recipes

Don't forget to activate the Experimental Game Mode!

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