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Mystical Agriculture Add-on 1.18

Mystical Agriculture Add-on

Minecraft is a game about ore mining, as the name suggests. But ore is not necessary to get only in the cave: there are quite a lot of ways to get materials without exploring caves. If you install the Mystical Agriculture mod, there will be even more ways: now you can plant plants and grow ore right in the ground.

In the future the author will add the ability to grow not only ore, but also many other things.
Mystical Agriculture Add-on 1.18

Watering can for vegetables
Accelerates growth
Infinite use

Prosperity Ore
Used for basic seed crafting

Inferia Ore
Drop: Essence of Inferia
Used for crafting seeds

Infusion Altar
You must surround the altar with 8 pedestals

Infusion pedestal
If everything is placed correctly, you will hear an experience sound

Infusion Crystal
Used to improve essences


Netherite Seeds
A crop will fall from the plant, from which materials are created

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