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Vendor Cart Add-on 1.16+

Vendor Cart Add-on

Have you ever traveled to any countries in Asia? Have you ever seen very interesting transport such as a food cart? For those who have not seen, but would like to see what it is and how it works, you can use a new addon that adds such carts to the Minecraft world. It is a very popular type of transport in tourist cities, especially in Asia. In general, four types of different carts will be added to the Minecraft world, two of which sell ice cream, one sells bread, and one milk! This is not just a type of vehicle, but also allows players to make a purchase.

This can be done using an emerald to get some useful items. Use new carts in your Minecraft world to trade with your friends or just as decoration.

Features of trolleys:

1. Added jingle sounds that come from the cart in a random way;
2. Trade. Use the shift button, then with the right mouse button.

Below you can see the types of carts and what they have to offer you:

Vendor Cart (1)

Vendor Cart (2)

Vendor Cart (3)

Vendor Cart (4)

Vendor Cart (5)

Vendor Cart (6)

Vendor Cart (7)

Vendor Cart (8)

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