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Crafty Plane Add-on 1.20+

Crafty Plane Add-on

Are you still walking, running, or riding Minecarts in Minecraft? It's time to evolve and shift to more convenient and comfortable modes of transportation. One such advancement is the Crafty Plane mod, which introduces an Airplane into the game. The author has crafted a plane model that perfectly suits the game's style.

- Engine
- The core component of the airplane.
Crafty Plane Add-on 1.20+

- Crafting the Airplane
- Follow specific recipes to build your plane.

After crafting, you fuel the plane with Redstone.

You can also complete the Plane with a Chest, Daylight Sensor and Dispenser.

The Daylight Sensor allows you to fly during the day without refuelling with Redstone, and the Dispenser allows you to perform small tricks.

Items listed below can be placed in the Dispenser. Thus, they can be deployed mid-air, like leaving a trail with Dyes or bright particles from Glowstone Dust.

Additionally, the following items can be used to change the player's Camera view.

Changes in the new version
Compatibility with 1.20.50

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