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Portable Effect Add-on 1.17/1.16+

Portable Effect Add-on

We present to your attention a new addon that will appeal to all players who love PvP battles or just any challenges associated with adventures with dangers. The new addon adds new items presented in the form of a core. Fourteen types of cores will be added to the game, each of which gives the player certain unique effects that can allow the player to become stronger.

Using this addon, players can simplify their survival, or give them an advantage in battle. Each type of core has certain properties that give certain effects to the player so that you become stronger, depending on what effect the core corresponds to. In order for players to be able to use new items, they need to be scratched.

Below you can see all the crafting recipes and core types:

1. Haste:

Haste Core

2. Invisibility:

Invisibility Core

3. Conduit Power:

Conduit Power Core

4. Strength:

Strength Core

5. Fire Resistance:

Fire Resistance Core

6. Slow Falling:

Slow Falling Core

7. Resistance:

Resistance Core

8. Regeneration:

Regeneration Core

9. Jump Boost:

Jump Boost Core

10. Night Vision:

Night Vision Core

11. Saturation:

Saturation Core

12. Speed:

Speed ​​Core

13. Please note that the core of Unical is a special core that does not give players any additional effects, this item is necessary for players to craft the last type of core:

Unical Core

14. Cosniverse, this is the last type of core that players can craft:

Cosniverse Core

After the player has crafted one of the above types of cores, it is necessary to take the item in his left hand.

In the Creative game mode, you can find all types of cores in the Equipment section.
As soon as a player takes one of the core types in his hand, he will receive an effect that corresponds to this type of core. Supports RTX.

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