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Portal Cores Addon

Portal Cores Addon

New addon, which is added a new very interesting objects, which is look like spherical core, idea was taken from famous game Portal. Here you will see ten different cores, with various features. In the nearest time, will be added more cores for game. Also, soon, it will be possible to see GLaDOS in this addon (it can take some time). By the way, in the remote areas you can meet very hostile turret, which can cause you pretty big damage, even do not doubt in that!

Here is a list of types of cores, what they give and what they need

Orange core of Curiosity

Loot and needs:
  • From: emerald, tag name, book-shelf
  • For: emerald, written book, beacon

Light-pink core of Ego

Loot and needs:
  • From: emerald, head of dragon, chest of ender, armor of diamond horse
  • For: RedStone, glow-stone dust, pumpkins, emerald, stand of brewing

Dark-pink core of Fact

Loot and needs:
  • From: map of mansion, eye of ender, ender-pearl
  • For: emerald, spawn egg, compass

Green core of Adventure

Loot and needs:
  • From: crystal of ender, egg of dragon, elytra, emerald
  • For: sword from diamond, sword from iron, shield, emerald, emerald block, nether-star

Blue core of chunk
  • Loot: iron ingot
  • Work with green core of the drill-sergeant, for spawning other objects. Be attentive, this can spawn in core of zombie.
  • Not attack player, if you will not hit him first.
  • This object will attack turret.

Core of zombie
  • They are just very hostile.

Green core of the drill-sergeant
  • Loot: pearl of ender, gun-powder, empty egg of spawn
  • In order to spawn it in Omnicore, use spawner mob for interaction.
  • This object will always try to kill you from turret, as you can see, they are always dangerous.

Brown Omnicore
  • Loot: undying totem, diamond, emerald
  • Very interesting object, recommend use it anyway, in some ways it is pretty fun, because this object if you ask him something, will do some random things.

  • This object will try to kill you with burst of big amount of arrows. They are always dangerous.

Portal Cores Addon

Trades/ that what you need to have

Very useful option of Omnicore, here you should have required items in order to get better items.

Here is the steps:

1- step: allows you to give diamonds
2- step: to give emeralds
3- to give undying totem
4- to give skull of wither skeleton

In the result it is: twelve frames of end portal, saddle and tag of name.

Portal Cores Addon

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