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Simple Airplane Add-on 1.16+

Simple Airplane Add-on

Have you ever flown an airplane? Of course, many have already flown, many still have to do this, but now is not about that, today we present you a new addon that adds a functional airplane to your Minecraft world. This is a cool opportunity for every player to fly an airplane for the first time, but only in the game world, to gain new useful experience and discover new opportunities in the Minecraft world. The new airplane also has an additional propeller animation.

Airplane control is very simple, just use your usual movements, we also want to note that in addition to animation, you can see other interesting features in the interior of this airplane. Since this airplane is not big at all and has only one seat, it can only accommodate one player.

The new airplane is an easy way to travel around the Minecraft world, as well as a great opportunity to quickly get from one place to another.

How does it work?

As we said earlier, everything is very simple.

In order for the player to get into the airplane, you need to go up to it and press the Fly button (for Minecraft PE), or with the right mouse button (for the PC version)!

Acceleration is the Forward button, other direction buttons will also make your airplane move in the direction you choose.

How do I get a new airplane?

Everything is as simple as controlling it, for this players can use a special crafting recipe, or a special command: / summon or / give @s!

Crafting recipe:

Simple Airplane recipe

Spawn commands:

For the first command: c: simpleairplane;
For the second command: c: simpleairplane_spawn_egg.

Simple Airplane Spawn commands (1)
Simple Airplane Spawn commands (2)

Airplane screenshots:

Attention: Please note that for the correct operation of this addon, you must also use additional packs of behavior and resources! Using them should be on top of others.

Airplane screenshots (1)
Airplane screenshots (2)

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