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Medieval Engine Add-on 1.17+

Medieval Engine Add-on

There were no engines in the Middle Ages, which is why the period is so called. However, people used many gadgets to make their work easier. There are redstone and other mechanisms in the survival mode of Minecraft, but the Medieval Engine mod will still be useful. The addition includes a variety of items that people used centuries ago.

The build includes 6 entities, 2 blocks and 11 tools for farming. You'll be able to get food, materials faster or secure your home from enemy attack.

Medieval Workshop
Can't make anything without it
Craft: planks, raw iron, raw copper

Can be used for crafting or as fuel
Craft: Wheat and sticks
Crafted in a medieval workshop

Crafted or used as fuel
Craft: wood
Crafted in a medieval workshop

Used for crafting or fuel
Craft: Wheat and Sticks
Crafted in a medieval workshop

Must be tamed with wood. Do not take damage from falling.

Spawn Egg: /give @s se:arado_spawn_egg 1
Spawn: /summon se:arado ~ ~ ~

Spawn Egg: /give @s se:ballista_spawn_egg 1
Spawn: /summon se:ballista ~ ~ ~

Spawn Egg: /give @s se:bram_spawn_egg 1
Spawn: /summon se:bram ~ ~ ~

Spawn Egg: /give @s se:cose_spawn_egg 1
Spawn: /summon se:cose ~ ~ ~

Spawn Egg: /give @s se:guada_spawn_egg 1
Spawn: /summon se:guada ~ ~ ~

Wall of Spikes.
Spawn Egg: /give @s se:poste_spawn_egg 1
Spawn: /summon se:poste ~ ~ ~

Elements allow you to increase the number of seeds to increase the produce you grow. With 8 seeds and a garden shovel, you can get 64 units of seed at once.

Garden Shovel
An item to increase the amount of seed
Craft: stick and cobble

Stack of Bamboo Seeds
Cultivates bamboo
Craft: Garden shovel and bamboo

Stack of Beet Seeds
Cultivates beets
Kraft: garden shovel and beet

Stack of carrot seeds
Cultivates carrots
Kraft: garden spade and carrots

Stack of Algae
Cultivates algae
Kraft: garden shovel and algae

Potato Seed Pack
Cultivates potatoes
Kraft: garden shovel and potatoes

Stack of Pumpkin Seeds
Cultivates pumpkins
Craft: garden shovel and pumpkins

Stack of Reeds
Cultivates cane
Craft: garden shovel and cane

Hellbug Stack
Cultivates a Hellbrush
Craft: Garden Shovel and Hellbrush

Stack of Wheat Seeds
Cultivates wheat
Kraft: Garden Shovel and Wheat

Pack of Watermelon Seeds
Grows watermelon
Kraft: garden shovel and watermelon

Worm Block
Processes seeds or dirt to make bone meal
Craft: hatch and earth

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