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Raiyon's Tools Expansion Add-on 1.18/1.17+

Raiyon's Tools Expansion Add-on

Are you looking for an add-on for Minecraft 1.18 with new tools and weapons? Then your choice should fall on Raiyon's Tools Expansion mod, which includes many useful things to improve survival. More than 100 new tools and weapons are available in a variety of materials, from snow to TNT.

TNT Tools.
Area damage and area mining 3 by 3 blocks
Raiyon's Tools Expansion Add-on 1.18/1.17+

Soul Tools
Slow down on impact

Consecrated soul tools
Slow and ignite on impact

Slime Tools
Discourages enemies

Shalker Tools
Fires sledgehammer bullets and casts levitation

Quartz Tools
Gives experience when shattering blocks

Diorite tools

Andesite tools

Granite tools

Obsidian tools

Portal Tools
Create a portal on impact

Leaf Tools
Chance apples

Honey Tools
Chance to sleep a bee and trap a mob in a honey trap

Glass Tools
Imposes an invisibility effect when mined or hit

Snow Tools
Shoot snowballs

Tools from Ender Eye
Shoots Ender Pearls

Brass tools

Amethyst instruments

Emerald tools

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