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All in One Tools Add-on 1.20+/1.19/1.18

All in One Tools Add-on

Sometimes it becomes tedious to switch between the Pickaxe, Shovel, or Axe in Minecraft. You wish there was one universal tool that could break all blocks or fertilize plants. Add-on developers have thought about this and created the All in One Tools mod, which changes the tools in Minecraft: a single tool capable of performing all functions will appear.

There will be four versions of the universal tool made from different materials. In the Crafting Table, enter the phrase "all in one" to find the recipe. The add-on will replace the Pickaxe, Shovel, and Axe.
All in One Tools Add-on 1.20+/1.19/1.18

Changes in the new version
Added new blocks from 1.20
Fixed bugs

All in One Tools Add-on 1.20+/1.19/1.18

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